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Remember the event I mentioned in my last posting? Well, some of the artists have begun their installations! The one that deserves the most attention is Dave Umla and has magnificent wooden clock tower which, once completed, will be set ablaze! Although, it’s such a shame to have to see it go. It’s so detailed and intricate that it almost seems like a waste to let it burn. But that’s what Dave does! He creates things so that they can be destroyed. I don’t know how he parts with such great pieces….but I respect him a great deal for that. Oh……and I should also mention that he has a wonderful partner in crime/wife, Marilee, who is also in charge of this magnanimous project. Both great artists and terrific individuals! Enough of my ramblings, here are some sneak peaks for what is to come on New Years Eve!

Exterior shot:


Interior shot:


And one final shot from this evening!  I placed my SB-800 and SB-600 inside the structure and fired them off with my SU-800 during the 15 second exposure. Worked out great, don’t ya think!?


Stay tuned for more……


Happy (belated) Holidays!
December 27, 2008, 12:09 am
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I hope you and yours had a great holiday and that you got everything that you wanted and deserved. I am fortunate enough, and very thankful, to be able to spend this holiday with all my siblings. It’s not every year that we all are home for Xmas. And the most important part of our celebration has got to be the food! We really go all out! I’ll make this one short and sweet…, here are some of the pics from Christmas day.

My humble contribution – empanadas!











Okay, so maybe that wasn’t so short, but at least it was sweet, right?! Right! My bad! But stay tuned, because I am going to be posting a lot more Holiday images as well as mucho New Years images. I am going to be photographing First Night Austin again this year, except this time, I am the lead Photographer! :). I am actually the one and only Photog this year. There’s a TON of really interesting and new artists this year so it should be a blast! Thanks for looking!

Austin Underground Film Festival 2008

Had the privilege of shooting the AUFF 2008 this past weekend. Saw some REALLY interesting short films. Some of them I didn’t really care for – a little too artsy fartsy for my liking! My favorite was a piece titled “The Discipline of DE” which is actually a short story by William S. Burroughs. This, however, was a short film that was directed by Gus Van Sant. Rather iiiiiinteresting if you ask me.

Check it out….

After the film portion of the event was an after-party with two local bands – Hacienda and The Strange Boys. I honestly couldn’t get into Hacienda. They really weren’t bad, I just wasn’t feeling them that night. Or I hadn’t had enough beers yet. The Strange Boys were more appealing to me, even though Lisa will try and tell you how horrible the Singer’s style of singing is. I happen to like it! Here are some pics from the evening, and as you can see, the lighting was pretty challenging.  So, I just bumped up my ISO and shot at mostly f2. enjoy! 🙂






Too funny! The shoe-throwing has gotten out of hand!
December 19, 2008, 12:33 pm
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Thanks to Harri/Steven for that pun! 😉

Courtesy of Yahoo News and the AP.


Depth of Field

Not only am I obsessed with the Sigma 50mm lens, but I am also a shallow depth-of-field junkie! I don’t think I am capable of shooting any other way. Coupled with the depth-of-field that you get with a full frame sensor, it’s just too enjoyable for me! Sorry if I’ve lost you….

Photographic evidence

Sugar cookies:)





In other news – Kevin, Rod and I have been working on a track that I wrote as a joke a few years ago about Chris, A.K.A. Big Toe, shortly after he moved to Houston.  Gotta tell ya, I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. It’s going to be an epic song. So theatrical. It’s Ween meets The Beatles, a la Sgt. Peppers. Anyway, I decided to document some of the recording equipment along the way.









Pretty neat, huh?  That is all for tonight, thanks for your time 🙂

Some festive shots
December 17, 2008, 1:31 am
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These were taken with my beloved Sigma 50mm at the Wildflower Center this past Saturday. Enjoy!



El Paso Hot Button
December 14, 2008, 2:12 pm
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A pretty talented kid I discovered through some friends of mine.