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Thanksgiving Weekend

So we headed down to the Rio Grande Valley to spend Turkey Day with Lisa’s Grandparents and other various relatives.  And like many Thanksgivings before, this fine autumn holiday was spent enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a t-shirt, while stuffing your face full of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, green been casserole, gravy, rolls, pecan pie etc…

Oh and not to mention the vast amounts of Mexican food consumed on a daily basis. Starting with the most incredible breakfast tacos on earth. And best of all – they can only be purchased at the gas stations around town. Yep, inside the gas station. On virtually every corner you will find a Laredo Tacos inside, complete with it’s own taco artist and fresh, made to order, ingredients in a super huge homemade flour tortilla. It doesn’t get much better than this! Amidst all the indulgence, I did manage to snap off a few images!

(Click on any image to view in a higher resolution)

This is a Catholic Church we stumbled upon on the drive down there, in the middle of nowhere.



Shots of Sophie & Carolyn on Thanksgiving Day. Carolyn is such a ham!!




Of course no trip down to the Valley is complete unless you pay a visit to South Padre Island. We hit up this sea turtle sanctuary that rehabilitates the injured and assists in the preservation of the different species. This fella was in there because, as you can see, he lost his front right flipper, making him very vulnerable to predators.


I also managed to capture my very first birds in flight. Man I love my camera! You just fire away and it does the rest of the work for you.  These are Laughing Gulls.



And then we took our time on the drive home, making the obligatory stop at our favorite fruit stand in Robstown, TX. We scored some pineapple, watermelon, lemons and roasted peanuts. I also took the opportunity to take pictures of the old retired silos across the road. I think I’ve found my new favorite subject! So much character. So industrious.





It just so happens that the recent issue of Texas Monthly is featuring the top 40 small town eateries in the state, one of which is directly in our path.  Kenedy, TX.  The name of the joint is Barth’s, located just off HWY 123. Texas Monthly designates this the place to go for better than average slice of pie. However, it’s not the pies that made this place… was their hamburgers. Probably the best hamburger that I have ever devoured in my whole life.  The patties were formed by hand, the golden buns toasted to perfection, lettuce so crisp and refreshing…..just……really, REALLY good..!!  I had such a good experience that I think I’ll make it a project to actually visit each and every single eaterie covered in the magazine. This is going to be fun!


And finally, who can resist a sunset like this!? I Had to pull over and snap this one!


That’s all for now. Hopefully your holiday was as interesting as mine. I’ll be leaving on Wednesday for a quick road trip to Colorado. I’m sure I’ll get in some photos at some point! Is it really December already?!?!


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