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Remember the event I mentioned in my last posting? Well, some of the artists have begun their installations! The one that deserves the most attention is Dave Umla and has magnificent wooden clock tower which, once completed, will be set ablaze! Although, it’s such a shame to have to see it go. It’s so detailed and intricate that it almost seems like a waste to let it burn. But that’s what Dave does! He creates things so that they can be destroyed. I don’t know how he parts with such great pieces….but I respect him a great deal for that. Oh……and I should also mention that he has a wonderful partner in crime/wife, Marilee, who is also in charge of this magnanimous project. Both great artists and terrific individuals! Enough of my ramblings, here are some sneak peaks for what is to come on New Years Eve!

Exterior shot:


Interior shot:


And one final shot from this evening!  I placed my SB-800 and SB-600 inside the structure and fired them off with my SU-800 during the 15 second exposure. Worked out great, don’t ya think!?


Stay tuned for more……


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Gorgeous! Amazing that all that work went into something that will not last past the New Year’s! Love your last shot.

Comment by Christine

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