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Tricky shooting situations
January 10, 2009, 3:32 am
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I went to a legendary local venue called Emo’s the other night to take some shots for – during the venue’s annual FREE WEEK of music.  And it just so happens that one of the acts on the bill is a dude that I’ve mentioned on one of my prior postings – El Paso Hot Button. Great show! What wasn’t so great is the lighting.  This is a tiny, punked out and low-budget venue. The kind of venue that makes you want to avoid using the bathroom at all costs.  Nonetheless, it’s a famous place, hosting some of the best bands that come to Austin. And we all know that Austin IS the live music capitol of the world, right?!  So the lights, or lack thereof, consists of a few spotlights with what seems to be covered with  colored cellophane of the yellow and red variety. Makes for a really tricky shooting situation.  That night, there were two other photographers there and it kind of made me feel good that, they too, were shooting with Nikon.  However, they were both using flash :O!  C’mon! I mean, who enjoys blinding the crowd AND the performers?! How rude! I shot without flash and avoided annoying anyone, and I was able to retain the ambient light that makes Emo’s so unique.  Check it out!

The Blacks



Ume (She had really great stage presence!)





And last but not least, El Paso Hot Button!  If you recall, about a month ago, I posted a video of this guy performing.  If you didn’t see it, go back a page and check! DO IT.  But know this – the video does NOT do him justice at all.  He exceeded all expectations of mine.  He hit it out of the park. HE ROCKS!  Nice guy, too.  Prior to his set, he was kind enough to let me take an impromptu portrait of him and his wife in the dingy corridors of Emo’s.  Check it!





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Seriously, what a great show, right? Those are some amazing pictures! We have some video from the show on our site.

Comment by Joel

I’d love to see the video!

Comment by francisjoseph

Despite the tricky lighting, i think you mastered the shots! These are awesome!

Comment by Tali

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