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Melissa + Chris

Wow! What an amazing couple. The old adage that opposites attract really IS true! Melissa has a type-A personality. She comes from a tiny little Texas Town called Memphis. Even with a name like Memphis, the population remains around 3,000. She works for a small company as the Director of Internal Operations. Not sure exactly what that entails, but I can pretty much guarantee it’s something I can’t do! Oh, and she also writes, runs mini-marathons and is in the process of becoming her own boss. Ya think she’s got her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground? Wonderful Gal!

Now Mr. Chris is a type-B. Laid back Cajun cool cat from Louisiana. Get this – he’s got several Crawfish Eating Contest winnings under his belt! Whoa! How does one become that cool!? I gotta start working on that. Chris is a musician and a scholar. I hear he dances like a maniac to Zydeco! On top of all this, he’s got a Masters in Philosophy and is pursuing a PhD! Brilliant guy, wouldn’t you say? What’s cool, though, is that he doesn’t flaunt it. The man doesn’t have anything to prove like some scholarly types that you usually run into. He’s as laid back as laid back can get.

Fast forward seven years and they’re still in love and it truly shows. These two were so awesome to photograph! They really made my job a lot easier. Often times they didn’t even need directing, I just pointed my camera in their direction and voila! I hope all my future clients are that cool!

Enough rambling………on to the pictures!

















Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my images 🙂


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Francis, You’re an amazing photographer. I love how you capture the beauty of both the couple and downtown Austin. I can’t wait until our photo shoot this weekend. Yeah!!! Your Friend, Melissa Mercado

Comment by Melissa Mercado

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